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Frequently asked questions


Do I need an Account?

No - you can browse records being processed and under consideration by the Agency. You can also search these records using the Address, Location or Record ID filter. To access more features and search filters, an Account is necessary - these are provided in many cases, free of charge by your Agency.

How do I create an Account?

Simply, click on the Signup link - enter your email address and submit it. You will recieve a verification email to your account from AgencyCounter within minutes. Click on the link in the email, personalize your account - you are then ready to start exploring.

Can I close my Account?

Yes - for now, please send your email to - we will send a verification email back to you, when you confirm your request, the Account will be removed within 48 hours. When your Account is closed, you will still be able to visit, browse and search public records on AgencyCounter.


Is my Browser supported?

AgencyCounter is optimized to work with current versions of browsers on devices that connect to the internet. Our preferred browser is Chrome.


How do I get Notifications on activity in My Neighborhood?

Using AgencyCounter makes it easy to set up Alerts based on your needs, click the Bell to access Alerts, you will be provided with 2 choices based on Local Known Areas or Grid Squares; then decide what type of records you wish to be notified of. That's all - as records are processed from the Municipality, when AgencyCounter matches these to your Alert, you will receive an email at around 8am each morning informing you that you have notifications. You just need to click on the link in the email - login and view all the matching records in your Activity Center.


What is AgencyCounter?

AgencyCounter from buildingeye is a cloud based application that provides information in a variety of formats for the benefit of the Public and Officials. Unlimited Searching of Public Records is available to all. The Public can view, search and find records in a single application that are ordinarily held in various Government Department systems. Officials get additonal search, filtering, reporting and sharing features.

Who operates AgencyCounter?

AgencyCounter from buildingeye is operated by Buildingeye, Inc. Data included in AgencyCounter is provided by multiple sources identified in each record.

Where can I find Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer?

Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer can be found in the footer section of the AgencyCounter application as per the image: Click on the Footer button to reveal the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer for all Users of the AgencyCounter application (these are positioned in the center of the footer, highlighted in the Red box in the image).


How do I contact someone at AgencyCounter?

You have 3 options: 1. Use the contact form at the footer of this page, 2. Send an email directly - a link is available in the contact form below, or 3. Call us - a link to our phone number is available in the contact form below. We look forward to your correspondence.