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Our Local Government Experts are ready to help as we do for many Community Development Departments.

We have purpose-built services that will solve many of your current challenges with no scripting, no coding, and no hassle.

These provide a solid foundation to extend your service delivery capability, towards excellence. 

The team will advise you on how to get the most to fit your budget, including special pricing,* and find you the best financing option, including CARES Act & ARP funding. 

Working with Mask
Agency at Work.

With the most powerful tools for local government, you can solve problems more creatively, complete your tasks more simply, and collaborate with your team like never before. It’s work, only better. For this, we bring you AgencyCounter 

Be Everywhere.
Handle queries, manage appointments, deal with submissions, and more. It's interactions minus the work. And open 24/7.
Stack of Files


Keep everything in one place and access it easily, anywhere.

Organizing the Calendar


Arrange in-person meetings safely and  in a snap.

Public Speaker


Let the community have a voice, engage.

We're available anytime to talk about how you can work more simply by taking your interactions to the next level. 
Work together in real-time - whether it's with your team across the table or
your community
across the city.
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Collaborate on information across departments in near real time, in the office or at home.

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Engage with your contractors and professionals

on the go.


Video Chat

Get everyone in the room. Even when there is no room.

Our Government Team is here to help you find the best ways for you and your people to work together.
Run your Department.
Manage engagements, create consistent reports, and track how you are doing. Like a boss.
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Coordinate public engagements, simply.


See how you are doing.

Girl with Folders


Create and share information with your team.

Analysing the Numbers


See what to track and change.

Whenever you need a hand staying on top of your tasks in Local Government, we're here to help you find the simplest ways to stay engaged.
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Service at it's best.
Better economics for
your team,
your agency, and
your community.


Great user experience. No Downtime, with personal service always guaranteed

Business Research


No resources required, decisions are necessary.


We have you covered in the Cloud, best architecture and infrastructure.

Our Government Team is here to enable your efforts to drive the engagement economics of the Agency.

Government Team.
On your team

 We’re available to guide you to the right solutions, help you compare applications, and work with you to find financing options that fit your budget, at no extra cost. We’ll make sure you hit the ground running, working with the systems you already use, like Accela, CentralSquare, Computronix, CityWorks, Tyler EnerGov/Socrata, and the many other systems used by Community Development Departments — all integrated with AgencyCounter products.

Call Center Employee
At the Office
Support that's anything but 9 to 5.

We're here to keep you up and running. Whenever your Agency needs help with getting set up, launched, adding new processes, or troubleshooting, our team awaits.

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Financial District
Smart tools.
Smart investment.

Our products are built to endure, making them a great investment. And when you shop for your Agency, you can get even more benefits.


Create an account now and get access to a dedicated member of the team, who will make sure you qualify for special pricing.*