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The App
that Makes
Government Easier for Communities & Officials when it comes to accessing Permit, Application, & Case Records collectively

Why Us

AgencyCounter is the modern alternative to Searching Permit Software, Maps, Data Portals, Record Links, and Spreadsheets, that hold data for Local Government Departments.

We continuously process & curate public records;
presenting this information in an easy-to-use, easy-to-search, and easily found single Application, to meet the needs of Municipalities.

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- this is who we serve -
3,500,000+ Citizens get up to date information
direct from Municipalities, big and small, using AgencyCounter

AgencyCounter Award



Making Progress, On Track



Easy as A, B, C


to Use

Simple and Easy

Interactive and Intuitive

No. 1 for Official Content

Curated Content

How Communities Can Use the App

AgencyCounter - Communties at Work

"We can now see what is going on all the time in our neighborhood, browsing the map, getting notifications and access to meaningful information on works happening... no more calls or looking over the fence to ensure works are approved."

Everybody Loves AgencyCounter

How It Works
Engaging with AgencyCounter App

"Fantastically, simple. No need for calls to the Public Counter. I can see that my City is being managed well."

John, Citizen, 70 year old

Working with all Government
back office/permitting systems,
our robust, secure, and reliable processes
do all the hard work, every day in the cloud

- here are some of the partner systems we work with - 


via their API

feed data to our Apps since 2015


via oData feeds 

with data to our Apps since 2018

Tyler / Socrata


via OpenDataPortals

feeding data to our Apps since 2016



via system feeds with data to our Apps since 2017



via XLS/CSV files data to our Apps since 2015

AgencyCounter is Free to use!

Everyone can access

AgencyCounter -

see how the City of Rochester, MN Community & Public Users experience data provided from their systems - presenting curated Building Permits, Planning Applications, and Rental Housing information

Are you with a Local, County, or State Agency?

We offer a full preview without obligation to answer your questions and discuss your requirements. Click on the button below to set up a time with the AgencyCounter team...

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