for Community Development Departments

where you are the Service Provider

 and your Local Community is the Customer.

AgencyCounter satisfies everyone's need.

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How do you intend to provide services that engage to the new demands?

With the most powerful tools for local government, you can

remove time-consuming tasks from information-craved customers,

enhance service transformation to reflect your Agency goals,

solve the balance of engagement, interactions, and resource planning to meet customer demands, 

in turn, delivering services like never before.


It’s work, only better.

For this, we bring you AgencyCounter 

from buildingeye

Buildingeye, Inc. has worked with Cities and Counties since 2014, making services such as data requests more easily accessible. Our combined knowledge and expertise are encompassed in the Cloud-based service and applications we offer to meet today's challenges and endure into the future.

Be Everywhere.
Here's what we can do!
AgencyCounter is Open 24/7
handles unlimited information requests / queries, manages appointments, deals with submissions, and much much more.
It's interactions minus the work.
Stack of Files


Keep everything in one place and access it easily, anywhere.

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Self Service

From Alerts to Notifications, Map Search to Filters, let your fingers find the information requested.

Public Speaker


Let the community have a voice, engage.

We are available anytime to talk about
how matching your service transformation
will meet everyday demands and expectations. 
Organizing the Calendar


Arrange in-person meetings safely distanced, in a snap.

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Location based information available across departments in near real time, in the office or at home.


Built-in Video Chat

Get everyone in the room. Even when there is no room.

Work together in real-time -
whether it's with your team from the kitchen table or your community across the city.
Run your Department as normal.
We work alongside your current systems.


See how you are doing.

Report Packs

Create and share information with your team & officials.


See what to track and change.

From throughput to managing resources, publish consistent report packs,
and track how you are doing. Like a boss.
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from buildingeye

Service performance at its best.
Better economics for
your Department, your Agency, and
your Community.
Government Team.
On your team

 We are available to guide you to the right solutions, help you compare applications, and work with you to find financing options that fit your budget, at no extra cost. We’ll make sure you hit the ground running, working with the systems you already use, like Accela, CentralSquare, Computronix, CityWorks, Tyler EnerGov/Socrata, and the many other systems used by Community Development Departments — all integrated into AgencyCounter.

Call Center Employee
At the Office
Support that's anything but 9 to 5.

We are here to support your ongoing needs. Whenever your Agency requires assistance

beyond launch,

adding new processes,

or troubleshooting,

our team awaits.

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Financial District
Smart tools.
Smart investment.

Our services and applications are built to endure, making them a great investment. And when you use AgencyCounter across your Agency, you can get even more benefits.


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